Thursday, July 29, 2010

Trains, buses, and science fun

Today we loaded up in the car bright and early to catch the train (TRE) in Dallas.  So we got there and the kids were very excited as was Aunt Nana :)

We took time for a little snack before we boarded the bus!
After our 10 minute ride on the bus we were at the Fort Worth Science place!

About to watch the 4D movie.  All the kids loved the 10 minute show!

On the pretend trolly car.

Poor Aunt Nana, the trolly left without her!

I thought that this was a cool chair!
Waiting for our bus to come and take us to the train.
This picture got a bit mixed up but here are the boys watching some boring historical movie.  I saw that they were making Austin watched it so I saved him and took him to something fun.  I think it is so funny that Dustin and Marcus are so engrossed in the movie.

Haley loved the mirroored room!!!

On the bus ride!

Then the train ride home!
We had a great time on our adventure, but I came away from this trip feeling very grateful that I have my own car and that it has carseats that hold the kids!  It was a great experience though!  Stay tuned for pictures from the Greatest Show on Earth...the Circus! 

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