Sunday, February 5, 2012

Monster Trucks


I (Dustin) got to take Austin, Haley, and uncle Marcus to see the Monster trucks at the Mesquite Rodeo. It was the first time monster trucks had ever been in the stadium and in the words of Austin, It was AWESOME!

 Austin waiting to go inside. Moma bought our tickets through living social. It was cheap!

 Before the show all the tractors and monster trucks were out. Everyone got to go see them up close. Austin was in heaven, along with me and Uncle Marcus!

 Haley liked the pretty one

 Austin liked this one because it has blue tires and the driver's hair was blue!
Blue is his favorite color.

Austin wanted to push all the buttons. I'm surprized he didn't start it! 

All the trucks lined up and ready to go 

The pop a wheelie contest was awesome! 

How cool is that dad! 

This is how close we were. Really close to the action 

 We got to ride in a monster truck! Video is posted at the bottom

Uncle Marcus! Put me down!

My sweet girl 

 Tractor pulls! They were really loud.

Free style compition. Always the best part.

He broke his truck but won the pop-a-wheelie contest!

Bigfoot takes the race!

Our bumpy ride in the monster truck. Me and Austin got to sit in the front. Haley was right behind us.  

 Tractor pull!

Free style. Bigfoot was the best!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Years Eve

This year we celebrated new Years Eve Day at uncle Denny and Aunt Leigh Ann's new place. The kids had a blast with the animals!
Before we left Haley made Mamamama some jewelry. We had so much fun with the shrinky dinks!
 Dustin and Marcus camped out there that night.  They picked up some kids on their way back to the house!
 Jack enjoyed all of the rocks!
 Waiting patiently for the hay ride!
 Austin loved hanging out outside!
 Riding a horse!

 MamaMama loves Haley and Austin
 Pops and Aidan

 Mamamama loved her necklace!

 This picture is one of my favorites!  If you look behind Aunt Maddie, Uncle Marcus is not helping Jack take his head out of that contraption. He is actually telling him to put his head in there.  Got to love that Uncle Marcus!

Austin loves his Uncle Marcus!