Friday, July 23, 2010

The kids woke up to iced animal crackers and gummy bears from the Vacation Fairy.  It didn't take Haley long to figure out that we were headed to the Zoo.
All ready to go eat breakfast at the hotel!
Daddy with the kiddos at the zoo. It was a beautiful zoo.
Haley feeding the birds.
Austin was a little nervous about holding the bird so his smile isn't quite right:)
Ready to see the animals!
After the Zoo we headed to Andy's Frozen Custard and wow!  It was the best I have ever had.

Then it was off to Harolds Train Museum.  I am not sure if I would call it a museum...more like a little old mans collection of old stuff.  Austin loved to see the trains though and the little 90 year old man was super cute!

After the exciting visit at the train museum we went to see the tigers.  We saw one that used to be in the circus and Michael Jacksons old tiger.  We were very close to the tigers so it was a bit scary!
Here the kids oare with the tigers feeding bucket.  If you look closely there are a lot of holes in them, the worker said that is why they don't actually go in there with them :)

Then it was Putt Putt!
The kids had a blast!  half way through our 18 holes it started pouring so we took a break and went to eat dinner at the hotel.  Then we came and finished our game.  I beat Dustin by 3 strokes!

After putt putt it was swimming, baths, and then pizza for a late snack.

One more day of vacation coming up!!!! 

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