Sunday, July 11, 2010

Friday and Saturday

We went over to Granny's to play on her playground....the kids had a blast but Jack feel asleep in the swing!

It was free Chick-fil-a day if you dressed like a cow so we got all dressed up!

Austin our little cow!

Later on we went to dinner with the Edwards.  We had a great time!  Then they were kind enough to take Haley and Austin home with them to spend the night!!!  So Dustin and I got to spend some extra time with Jack!

Waiting for food!!!

The Edwards

We picked Haley adn Austin up at the park by Aunt Nana and Uncle Marcus house...  they took them to the park, gave them lots of chocolate milk, set up a tent in the livingroom, watched cartoons, got them donuts, and took them back to the park.  Austin had a blast on his first spend the night trip to their house!

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