Saturday, June 11, 2011

Way too long!!!

Why has it been way too long?!?!? I have not had internet!!! Oh my, it has been hard not sharing pictures, but like it or not I am back with faster internet here we go!

Austins last day of CHAT for this year (Communication Happening at Three).  He has only been in since February 23rd but he has made so much progress! He still has a very long way to go though.
I included this picture because when I say smile this is what I get! Really?!?!? Doesn't he know I LOVE pictures and this smile is crazy! 

 Singing his songs for us!

 His super sweet teachers that we LOVE!!!! They taught Haley too!
 Haley's ribbon for her reflections drawing!
 Mom tea party at school.  They made pottery adn we got to go have tea with them! So fun!


 A little wet!

 Kindergarten Graduation!  Wow, I was not prepared for this came so quick! I did not cry but I was sad. I have LOVED her being across the hall from me, seeing her at recess,watching her grow and learn, knowing that she is in the most capable hands with me friend Mrs. Payne! So I do have to say that her graduating Kindergarten is very bittersweet for me.  I can''t wait to see what she does in first grade but I will miss her in kindergarten!!!! 
 She got many awards: Handwriting club, shoetying club, citizenship, digital media fair award, Mrs. Moran gave her the music award!

That is the end of this school year!  But get ready so many things have happened already this summer...I will be posting soon!

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