Monday, June 27, 2011

Tyler Vacation black and white!

I took over 800 pictures of our vacation....I like 200 of them!  200 is too much to post so while I cut it down I thought I would give you all a sneak peek at the vacation!  We stayed in a lakehouse with Mame, Pops, Aunt SheShe, Uncle Joe, Isabella, Aidan, Aunt Nana, and Uncle Marcus.  We were there Thursday-Saturday.  We went to the zoo, Andys Frozen Custard, we went to the waterpark, Brookshires Wildlife Museum,  Andy's Frozen Custard, Discovery SciencePlace, and Andy's Frozen Custard!  Yes, we went to Andys 3 times!!!! It is so good! Can't wait until Krystal gets married and we will get to go to Andy's again! The lakhouse came with a water trampoline, paddle boats, playground and hot tub so we spent a lot of time doing those things as well.
 Daddy and Jack walking on the pier at our lakehouse.
 Love this picture of Jack from the Zoo.
 Bella on the tree swing!
 We were so glad Aunt Nana was able to join us!  She looked beautiful with her small belly (considereing there are 2 babies in there!) I think my belly was that big with one baby!
 Bella at the Zoo
 Jack feeding the ducks with his favorite guy! 
 So cute! Jack has really grown into his looks....this kid is going to break some hearts!
 Austin spinning around on the merry go round!
 Beautiful! She is getting so big!
 Uncle Marcus fought a bear for us!
 Mame and Pops on a romantic paddle boat ride!
 I love this picture of Jack!
Aidan!  He was so quiet and good the whole vacation.  We had a really super time but we can't wait to next years vacation when we have 2 little girls named Addison and Avery running around!  We should be able to meet the sweet babies in about a month! We can hardly wait!!!!

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