Thursday, June 16, 2011

Austin Day

Austin Day, well that is what he called it!  It was a very fun boy day!!! We went to the antique tractor show in Terrell. So boring for most people but Austin loved it!  There were tractors everywhere!!! He of course wore his trctor shirt and matching sunglasses!

 Haley loved the pink tractor, it was very Haley!!!

 Daddy and Jack on the tractor ride!

 At the tractor pull show. Daddy adn Austin both enjoyed see which tractor could pull the most!

 On the tractor ride!

 Jack sat on the tractors too!

 This was on raffle! Daddy bought little Austin 6 raffle tickets but sadly he didn't win! We haven't told him yet that he didn't win.

LOVED the blue tractor because blue is his favorite color!

 He thought the really big tire was cool!

 After the tractor show we went home and ate dinner then it was off to the Mud Bog! We had never been but we were excited to go.  It is about 2 minutes from our house so that was nice. Some of you may not know what a mud bog is, there is a big mud pit and trucks and jeeps try to make it through!  It was so fun for all of the kids!

 Austin loved it when the mud would fly!


The McIntires said...

Robert and the boys have wanted to go to the mud bog! Since Robert works on the weekend, they haven't been able to make it though.

The Allens said...

So fun! Loved looking at all your pics.