Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Kindergarten Lunch

Our church had a lunch for kindergarten kiddos and  their parents.  Haley was so excited to go, she picked out her outfit and looked super cute!

I can't believe she will be the class of 2023!!

It was so neat!  They had a little assymbly line of things they needed to put into their "church" bag.  The bag is one they will take with them when they go to big church.  It has a 5 Word Journal, they have to right 5 words from the chrurch service...that way we get to see how much they have grown from the deginning of the year to the end.

Sharpening her pencils!

With all of her stuff.

Waiting for lunch.

This was a pretty hard task for the parents.  While they went through the "lunch line" we were not allowed to help or talk to them.  It was about them making choices and doing things independently while depending on God.  Since we will not be there to help them at school.  It was hard for me because Haley's pizza almost fell to the floor...luckily it didn't!

Her choices for lunch were : pizza, chocolate milk, doritos, gogurt and a cookie.  We were not allowed to help them open anything, they had to raise their hand and wait for the "lunch lady" to come help.  They also had a time limit of 25 minutes. 

First Baptist Church class of 2023!

So excited about her cookie with her name on it.  She ran out of time during lunch so she took it home with her!
It was such a fun time spent with her...but it made it all more real that she is in kindergarten.  Lucky for me so am I so I will see her all of the time!!

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