Sunday, August 8, 2010

Jack is no longer a baby!

It was time to take Jack to get his first haircut!  It was super sad... I LOVED his curls!!!  Dustin and my dad did not love them quite as much, my dad referred to him as "hippie boy"- out of love of course.  Since Mimi and Randy had Haley and Austin for the night Dustin and I thought that this would be the perfect time to go.  For some reason my pictures got out of order.

Here is Jack enjoying his cut.  He was so good, he just sat there the whole time.

Here Jack is checking out his new haircut.


Big boy with his new hair!

Daddy and Jack in front of the barber pole.  Jack got his haircut by Randy, who has cute Dustins hair since he was little.  He also gave Austin his first haircut a year ago.

Jack's photo shoot after his haircut!

Showing off his new teeth!

This is my favorite, I am going to change the colors and blow this one up I love his eyes!

This picture is before the haircut...he looks a bit nervous!  But look at those curls!!! Oh, I miss them so!

Here he is looking at his Daddy!

I do miss my hippie by but I also love my sweet clean cut Jack.

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