Saturday, October 3, 2009

Sip and See

Today Mimi, Aunt Laci, Amber, Krystal, and Kim invited some people to come and meet Baby Jack. It was a beautiful party with a lot of really great food. Haley was given a special treat from Nana...The Wizard of Oz! She has seen previews on tv and she has been wanting it soooo bad.
Here she is posing with the movie!

Austin playing after the sip and see.

Jack Tyleer was pooped! He loved being held the whole time though!

The kids watching The Wizard of Oz

Joy and Lori ( Mom and daughter) went shopping seperately for the party and they ended up buying Jack the same outfit just different sizes. So we tried the 6-9 month one on Austin and amazingly enough it fit. So here they are in their matching outfits.

My sweet boys!

Jack in the outfit he wore to his big party!

He kind of looks mad here :)

Mimi and Jack


Haley, Krystal, and Aunt Laci

Scarlett Grace

Nana and Jack
Going to Charlottes Web at the theatre tommorow so we should have pics of that later.

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