Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Jack's Photo Shoot

Pictures, pictures and more pictures! We needed a picture of all the kiddos so we got them all dressed in white adn blue adn headed out to our backyard to do our own little photo shoot. It was a lot of fun except we had to sing Down by the Boy to get Austin to smile! And Haley has decided that she has a new smile and it looks so silly so I had to tell her not to smile just to talk to me and then I caught a sweet Haley smile not the fake new smile. So here are some pictures. I am putting in a snapfish order (I have about 200 pics. needing printing) on Friday or Saturday so if you want a copy of any of the pictures (my treat) just send me an e-mail jewels4982@aol.com and list the letter and number for each picture. I will get it to you when they come in. Love ya'll!







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