Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Pizza and Mary Poppins

After our annual trip to the pumpkin patch it was time to make little pizzas! The kids got to put there toppings on themselves :)

Austin actually did pretty well...

when he wasn't eating all of the toppings!

Haley showing of her pizzas!

What an exciting day! Since Haley was going to the 8:00pm showing of Mary Poppins she was allowed to drink a cup of coke. She was so excited....and it worked she stayed up until midnight!

All dressed up for the show!

It was a cold ight so she got to wear her new fancy jacket!

She couldn't wait for Mame and Pops to pick her up for the show!

She loved Mary Poppins and can't wait for 101 Dalmations in December!

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