Saturday, October 6, 2007

October 3: It's a BOY!

Well I guess Haley's prediction was right! She has stood by that the baby was a boy for the entire pregnancy! Since Dustin hasn't been able to go to any of my sonograms we are doing 2 3D/4D sonograms. So our first one will be on Tuesday! Dustin is very excited to see his little boy. On Wednesday the little boy would not stay still, he was moving all over the place. So it was hard for the doctor to get a really good shot but her is what he got. Picture #1: His head is on your left side and if you look in the middle you can see his little hand resting on his belly! Picture #2: He is laying on his side, it a veiw of his back. Picture #3: This is how we know he is a he. Pretend he is sitting on a piece of glass and you are looking up from under the glass ( I am explaining the picture becuase some people were confused by it :) The name is still TBA! We are going crib and baby bedding shopping probably next weekend! So once we decide on the decore I will post pictures.

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