Saturday, October 6, 2007

Haley is getting another Uncle

Aunt Shelly and Uncle Joe are finally getting married so Haley and "Little Dustin" will have another Uncle! Below you will find a picture of Michelle's ring. Just kidding, this is the joke that Michelle and my mom tried to play on everyone...and no we didn't fall for it! Joe did a really good job on the ring, it looks just like something Michelle would like. The wedding will be March 15th and Haley gets to be the cutest flowergirl in the world again! I think that Joe waited so long to ask Michelle to marry him because he was a little worried about having to be a part of the Hodges family.:) We definately take some getting used to we fully admit that we are a bit strange and we play even odder jokes on family members, that being said Joe "Welcome to the Family" (officially) we are glad to have you!!!

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