Saturday, October 20, 2007

October 14: The State Fair

We went on a perfect day! It was a Sunday and it was not too hot! Haley LOVED the petting zoo and so did we because it was free! This was also another one of Haleys favorite things! She like to sit on the little shoe polishers. And that was free too!!!
Here is the ball that Haley one in the Duck game! She picked it out herself!
Daddy also one Haley a big pink and white puppy dog that Haley has named Isabella! Haley on the big tractor! She knew Pepaw and Papa would like to see this picture!
Haley and Daddy on the tractor.
We had a lot of fun we managed to only spend about 60 dollars between parking, food, Haley's games, and her ride. So it wasn't too bad!

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