Sunday, September 9, 2007

September 8: Fun Day in Richardson Texas!

When Daddy was at work one of his teacher friends told him about the Richardson Fun Day at the civic center. They do something for families once a month. Best of all it is all FREE! Well except for the food. We got fresh squeezed lemonaide (It was the best lemonaide ever), funnel cake, and Haley got a cherry/coconut snow cone.

Here is Haley on one of her three pony rides! She loved it!!!

Haley sitting on a huge cow!!! He was so big and she wasn't scared at all!
Petting the animals in the petting zoo!

Mommy and Haley posing for a picture.

Haley riding the train all by herself (Mommy and Daddy weren't allowed to ride)

Haley and Daddy!

Last Pony Ride of the day!

Haleu caught a fish, all that practice at Nana and Papa's house paid off! She got to trade it in for a toy.

We had a great day! Not only did we do this but we went to Chick fil A to see the chick fil a cow and then we went to go see Mama Mama in Richardson since we were right there. It was such a fun day but we were all soooo tired!

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