Sunday, September 9, 2007

September 4: The first day of preschool!

Ok, well when I uploaded these pictures they kind of turned out backwards. So you are seeing the after school pics and then the before school pics. Sorry! Anyway I took off to take Haley to her first day of school, thinking that maybe she would be scared or upset, but of course she was quite content as long as she got to stay! She loved it! She didn't even make a rucus during nap time, she didn't sleep but she did lay down on the mat I made her :)

The above picture is the first thing she made for us in school. She put the stickers on the bible verse all by herself in a nice and neat row!

The pictures below were Haleys after school treat. We went to chuck E Cheeses! She had a blast, then we went to Bahama Bucks and ate ice cream! It waws a lot of fun.

This picture was in the parking lot at her school before I dropped her off. She is ready to go and ready for mommy to stop talking pictures!

The pictures below were taken at our house before school! She was soooo ready to leave!!!

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