Monday, September 24, 2007

September 15 and September 22: Sprinkler/Slip n' Slide

Haley and Daddy Jumping on the trampoline after Haley got tired of the slip n' slide!

Haley and Daddy posing with Mr. Elephant. Haley loves her slip n' slide from Mamee.

It looks like she is Slipping and Sliding but actually she just layed there. She is kind of not very good slipping and slidding, she gets that from her Mommy!

Haley and the Elephant!!!

Ready for Mommy to stop taking pictures and turn on the water =)
We are trying to get in a few summer activities before Fall comes! I am sure when it does arrive we will find many things to entertain ourselves. Be watching the site come Halloween you might see a Little Labybug with Haleys sweet face!!!!

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