Friday, October 22, 2010

Kindergarten Field Trip

So fun! Today was my first time to attend a field trip not only as a teacher but as a mom too!  It was great!   Haley and I woke up this morning and put on our Jack O Lantern shirts and prayed that the rain would wait until after the pumpkin patch!  It turned out to be a beautiful day!
 My little pumpkin picked out the skirt to wear with her dress!  It was a very Haley outfit!  If she could have chosen she would have had a pick jack o lantern!!!
 Haley and her buddy Brett!
 In line ready for the fun!

 Haley and Grace
 Haleys group!

 Doing our pumpkin actvity!
 It started to sprinkle when we got back to the school and Haley was trying to catch the drops in her mouth!

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