Sunday, September 5, 2010

First Sleepover

Today was the first time we had a friend spend the night at our house and we were all excited that Haley and Austin wanted Calista!  Daddy and Haley went to Firewheel to pick up Calista.  They got home and the kiddos made pizza.  They had a blast putting all the stuff on themselves!
Haley put 5 pepperonins, Calista put 3 and Austin put 2 to match their ages...that was their idea! Below they were doing puzzles while thier pizza cooked.
Yummy pizza and sparkling mango lemonaide with straws was a huge hit!
Dinner wouldn't be complete without dessert...Haley and Calista made Miniture Chocolate Chip cookies (Austin was not interested)

Then outside to play in the beautiful weather!
Four Wheeler rides for all!
Sidewalk chalk!!!
Hula Hooping

Then came the ice cream man....out of all the yummy choices he had they all picked snow cones...crazy kids!!!

Time to paint!!!

After bathtime!

Ready for bed!

Uncle Dustin got donuts for breakfast!  Below are pictures of the kids with their finished artwork!

Next it was off to  "Haleys  playground", thet is what the kids call the Hays Elementary playground!

Then it was off to take Calista home!  WE HAD A GREAT TIME WITH COUSIN CALISTA

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