Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Haley dressed up as Aunt Nana saying "Charge it please"

This Halloween we spent with my family because we hadn't gotten to meet Miss Isabella very well. We had a lot of fun.

This is what Jack did while the trick or treating was going on!

Miss Isabella and her baby blue eyes and pouty lips! So cute!

Austin (pirate) and Daddy the last few minutes of trick or treating.


Austin was so good at trick or treating this year. He would walk up the sidewalk with Haley know on the door and then he would yell "come in". They would give him candy and he would stand there smiling and they would say "oh you want another piece", they would give him more adn then he would say "hanks" (thanks) turn around and walk away and then cream "bye bye". In the above pis holding up his treat screaming "yeah!!!"

Halloween is officialy Marcus' holiday! He went all out fog machine, strobe lights, grave stone, and the costume. We tried to keep him away from Austin because he thought he might get scared but Austin just walked up to him like he looked like regular old Marcus. Haley on the other hand was a bit scared of him.

This is of Michelle as snowwhite with Haley as snowwhite, and zombie Marcus. It is odd because Michelle looks just like my mom in this picture.

Snow Whites


Haley also dressed up as Aunt Nana :)

Candy bags from Granny!

Jack and Jack!

Sweet cousins (3 weeks apart)


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