Monday, September 28, 2009

Six Flags Season Pass Day

Friday night from 5-10 was season pass night! Only pass holders could come so there were not many people and all of the food was discounted. We had fun! It was Aunt Nana, Marcus, Dustin, me, and Haley. The boys stayed home with Mame and Pops! First stop ! Haley loved it!

Dustin and Marcus looked pretty silly but they were good sports about it!

Haley and Bugs

Marcus, Haley, Marvin the Martian

Scooby Doo

Ready to ride!

Aunt Nana loved riding this ride that goes up and down....for a long time.

Haley driving Marcus around!

Haley loved the Pink Thing.

About 9:30we were pretty tired!

Haley has shrunk!

Thumbs up for the Mini Mine Train!!!!

Riding the airplanes!

Swinging...she laughed the whole time!

Haley requested this picture be taken.

Marcus giving daffy duck a high five!

Aunt Nana, Haley, and Marcus
We had a blast! We can't wait to go to Frieght Fest and Holiday in the Park!!!

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